Driven by our values

As a leader in the space, we recognize that safety and quality are paramount, and we’ve been SQF-certified for the last three years. We’re experts in lean manufacturing, striving always to improve our process, and committed to customer service, always honoring our word, whether about the transparency of our methods or our commitments to our customers and community.

2017 SQF Score
2018 SQF Score
2019 SQF Score

SAFETY+QUALITY : It starts with safety and quality

We make the safest and highest-quality product possible. Every day and every meeting start with a discussion of these touchstones. We do this because we care about the safety of our team members and our consumers.

INNOVATION : We make original and inspiring food

We are market leaders in what we do, always staying ahead on technology and trends. That means we make products with fresh ingredients and original flavors that inspire customers to eat better. And we actively seek out people and partners who inspire us and share our values.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE : We'll make tomorrow better than today

Our culture is built around the principles of continuous lean improvement. We’re never satisfied—we always believe we can do things better than we have in the past. That means we invest in our team members today so they can lead a better life tomorrow. And it’s not just about us; we also invest in our partners so that together we can improve the food system.

TRUST+INTEGRITY : We do what we say

We’re all Midwesterners at heart—hard-working, dedicated people you can trust to make your food. In dealing with team members, vendors, customers, and retailers, we always do what we say we’re going to do.

SUSTAINABILITY : It's about something bigger

We do this work because our mission is something bigger than ourselves or the company. We believe that making plant-based, honest food for all has the power to change the world.